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TIME-SERT 5600 Largest Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair

TIME-SERT 5600 Largest Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair image

Product #: TimeSert 5600 DLT

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TIME-SERT 5600 This is the largest outside diameter spark plug thread repair kit available for M14x1.25mm taper seat plugs. It's called a "Standalone Triple Oversized" spark plug thread repair kit. If you already have the TIME-SERT 5553 an additional add on kit can be purchased to achieve the what this tool set does as a "stand alone" kit. It's more cost effective to purchase the add on kit #5588 if the 5553 is already owned. If the 5553 is not already in possession, then this kit pn #5600 is less expensive alternative to purchasing the two kits separately. However, this kit does NOT install just the Big Sert without the triple oversize insert. If you would like the capability of installing ONLY the Big Sert (smaller of the two) inserts when the triple oversize is not needed, use the Time Sert 5678. The 5678 is the add on kit for the 5600. See more details on the Time Sert 5600 FAQ's article.
Installed over the fender. The repair process involves installing an insert inside an insert to achieve the triple over-size outside diameter. The original spark plug can then be installed saving the cost of replacing the cylinder head, gaskets and the labor time associated with R&R of the head. *Note that for first time repairs the 5553 kit is recommended. See the basic video instruction video below and click on the following to see the TIME-SERT 5600 pdf instructions.
Qty      Kit includes 
1        M18 Wrench Triple oversized 
1        Optional Counterbore for RF-1L2E 
1        M18 Reamer Triple oversized 
1        M18 Tap Triple oversized *Note this is NOT a standard M18x1.5 it's oversized
1        M18 Driver Triple oversized 
5        M18 Inserts Triple oversized 55522 (about 3/4" OD)
1        55518 Setting tool with ring 
5        M14x1.25 insert fully threaded all the way up to the taper on the plug. 51457 
1        M14x1.25 driver tool 
1        Oil (J-42385-110) 
1        Loctite Sealer 
1        1/8 hex key small 
1        3/16 x 6 hex key long 

*Please note that the progress of the depth that the reamer has reached should be closely monitored. In the video at around 7:08, we mention that the tool will not go but so far because of the collar; While this is true in most cases, we advise to be careful and stop once the counter-bore (the widest portion) of the reamer has been reached. Forcing tool to continue cutting may possibly cause irreversible damage to head. Questions please call us at 800-524-9783 x251. Get more free tips emailed when purchasing from us.

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5 Pack Replacement Inserts 51459 This is an optional insert that is partially threaded for spark plugs that are not threaded all the way to the taper.

5 Pack Fully Threaded Inserts 51457 This is the smaller of the two size inserts included in the 5600 kit. This is fully threaded.

Triple Over-Size Inserts 55522  This is the larger of the two inserts included in the 5600 kit

See the our spark plug thread repair, common questions and answers. We answer questions about doing this repair over the fender and more in the following short series of FAQ's. 

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Save me $4000!

Had a repair done with a different thread repair kit. Needless to say the spark plug shot out with the insert. The Time Sert 5600 triple oversize kit was EXACTLY what I needed. Saved me thousands of dollars!

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