Rescue Bit

If trying to remove a broken drill bit, a tap or a broken EZ Out bolt extractor we've got good news. The Rescue Bit provides another chance at getting it out without sending large parts like an engine block to a shop that specializes in broken tap removal, or disintegrating broken tooling. Shops like that exist because the metal which taps and other tooling are made of, are very hard and are virtually impossible to drill. That is until now. The Rescue Bit has saved our customers money and down time by making it possible to drill broken tools out which normally cannot be drilled. See the video below for more information - we think you'll like what the Rescue Bit can do. Rescue Bit FAQ's


From a recent customer - I recently broke a bolt extractor in a tight space in a machine I have. Several friends who are welders, machinists, motor-heads etc told me I'd never get it out. I bought about $50 worth of Cobalt drill bits, cutting oil, etc, etc, etc. Nothing worked until I purchased one of your "Rescue Bit 3/16" x 3" Double End Drill Point. This tool was overnighted to me and within 30 minutes I had the extractor cut out, drilled out and tapped for the new bolt to go in. This is one of the best products I have ever purchased. You're advertisements and claims are spot on. I'll tell ALL my friends about this product. Thanks for allowing me to save my project with no stress and little effort. You guys rock.

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