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Time Sert 5600 1DennisB DenLorsTools.com © Summary: The Time Sert 5600 is one of our most popular spark plug thread repair kits. This is because it can handle the repair of the largest blown out spark plug holes out there. With so many inferior type repairs sold at parts stores, that typically end up failing or never hold to begin with and ALWAYS make the hole bigger, the Time Sert 5600 Triple Oversized thread repair has finding it’s way into more and more vehicle and shop owner’s hands!

You’ve got questions, Dennis our resident master tech has answers… including a how to video of him demonstrating the use of the Time Sert 5600 in a Ford F150!

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Time Sert 5600 2

TIME SERT 6020 Loctite Thread Sealer 266. High Strength/High Temperature 10ML. Only the best Loctite will do when dealing with extreme temperatures that spark plug thread inserts have to handle.

Driver Oil for 5600 kit

Time-Sert driver oil used to lubricate the driver tool in Time-Sert thread repair kits as outlined in Time Sert’s directions (1.25 oz). Product is known as J-42395-110 or PN 6020. Driver oil is required on the installation driver when installing an insert. Regular motor oil can be substituted but the Time Sert oil bottle makes applying less messy.

55522 Inserts

Time Sert 55522 triple oversize insert for use in the 5600 kit. This is the larger of the two inserts included in the 5600 kit. The smaller of the two goes inside this.

Time Sert 51457 for 5600

The Time Sert 51457 M14x1.25 Big Sert is the smaller of the two inserts in the 5600 kit. This accepts the original size M14x1.25 spark plug found in most Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Liter engines.

Time Sert 55518

The Time Sert 55518 counter bore which is included with the 5600 is for use with RF-1L2E heads found in some 2001 and up engines. It is designed to stop at the taper part of the hole so it cannot over cut and go too far. *Only required on 2001 and up Romeo RF-1L2E heads.

Time Sert 51487

Time Sert 51487 3/16″x6″ long hex key used to lock and unlock the 51484 setting tool.

Time Sert 55516

Time Sert 55516 1/8″ small hex key for locking the tooling in the wrench – which actually more like the socket extension.
Time Sert 51484

Time Sert 51484 Setting tool with ring 51484A.

Time Sert T-Bar

Time Sert T-bar handle used on the “wrench”. We don’t use this in the demonstration video because a socket is much easier to use.

Time Sert 55514

55514 M14x1.25 driver installation tool, for the smaller of the two inserts.

Time Sert 55521

Time Sert 55521 M18 Triple oversized tap. Note this is not a standard size M18.

Time Sert 55900

Time Sert 55900 M18 Oversized Reamer. Note this is not a standard size M18.

Time Sert 55511

Time Sert 55511 M18 Wrench triple oversized more like an extension socket to extend reach of tooling.

5600 Laminated instructions page 1

Time Sert 5600 Laminated instructions page 1.

Laminated instructions page 2

Time Sert 5600 Laminated instructions page 2.


Laminated instructions page 3

Time Sert 5600 Laminated instructions page 3.

Question – Can I use my tap and die set to install a Time-Sert insert?

Answer – No. The Time Sert insert uses a special size tooling. Also the kits utilize a process to install the inserts. It’s not as simple as tapping the hole and running an insert in. One of the steps with Time-Sert is using a special driver installation tool that locks the insert into place by finishing the lower threads of the insert.

Question – Do I need to use a different size spark plug after the Time Sert 5600 kit has been used?

Answer – No.  After using the 5600 kit, the Big Sert insert (the smaller of the two) accepts the same size spark plug as used originally. Only the outside diameter of the insert is larger.

Question – What is the maximum size hole size that the Time Sert 5600 kit can fix?

Answer – The 5600 will repair holes up to around .73″. The 55900 reamer in the Time Sert 5600 kit measures just under .72, so the hole will be reamed out to this size before tapping.  The tap measures .77″ on the outside of the threads.

Question – Can I do repair on a hole that has had a Helicoil fail that the hole is about .65″?

Answer – The 5600 is not recommended for holes smaller than .67″. Time Sert recommends using the 5553 for holes below .67″.

Question – Can I just install the smaller of the two inserts with the 5600 kit?

Answer – No, the 5600 does not come with the reamer and tap for preparing the hole for the Big Sert (the smaller of the two in the 5600 kit).

Question – I already have the 5600 kit. Which reamer and tap do I need to purchase to be able to use just the smaller of the two inserts without the triple oversized one? 

Answer – No. Not with the 5600 kit alone. The Time Sert 5678 is the add-on kit that is to used along with some of the tooling that’s in the 5600 kit to install just the Big Sert (the smaller of the two inserts in the 5600 kit). Laminated instructions are included.

Question – I have a 5553 kit already that repairs holes up to .66″. Do I have to buy the 5600 kit to do larger hole repairs or is the tooling available separately?

Answer – No. There’s an add-on kit which is Time Sert 5588 that uses some of the tooling in the 5553 kit to do the triple oversize repair. The 5588 has tooling that can be used along with the items in the 5553 kit to carry out the installation of the triple oversize and Big Sert inserts. Instructions are included on laminated cards.

Question – I already have the 5600 kit. Can I just use the triple oversized repair on holes that have never been repaired before?

Answer – The triple over size repair is not recommended for virgin holes (holes that have never been repaired before. The correct way, is to use the 5678 add-on kit.

Question – How do I tell if I have a problem head with the extra step material above my spark plug hole that requires the use of the 55518 counter-bore? 

Answer – The heads with the extra step material that must be removed with the 55518, before the spark plug repair will have RF-1L2E or RF-2C5E stamped into the head. See the following article on – how to locate this identification code on the 2001 and up heads.

Question – If I don’t have a problem head, can using the counter bore 55518 cause a problem? 

Answer –  Not really. You just won’t cut as much material. The 55518 counter bore tool is designed to stop cutting at the taper so it cannot go too far. If you know that you’ve got the problem head, you know to expect to cut more material.

Question – How do I know the counter bore 55518 on my RF-1L2E or RF-2C5E head is finished cutting?  Can I go too far?

Answer – Clean metal chips off of it frequently and look for marks that indicate the depth that it has reached, to insure that it has finished cutting. The tool is designed to stop cutting at the taper so it cannot go too far. You can also mark the tooling as the laminated instructions outline, 5/16″ to 3/8″ is what should be expected on the problem heads.

Please add questions below. When ready to purchase go to the product listing – Time Sert 5600.

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