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CalVan Tools 38900 Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit 8-Inserts

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Unlike with other sellers, all of our tooling and inserts are quality checked prior to shipping to our customers. Please don't call us if you've received defective components resulting from buying elsewhere.

Free tips upon request only when purchasing from us. Free 2-3 day shipping. This Calvan 38900 kit has 8 solid bushing type inserts. The insert's lip design prevents them from going too far and falling into the cylinder. The 38900 spark plug thread repair kit works on many Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 SOHC Two Valve engines. See below for more details on the application. Or as long as you're making a purchase with us call 800-734-8665 x251 for assistance in choosing the right kit, whether it's a Calvan or Time Sert. Replacement 389-100 inserts are also for sale individually if needed later. This kit uses inserts that are large enough in most cases to do 2nd time repairs when a parts store insert like Heli Coil Save-a-Thread or Dorman (made in Mexico or China) repair has failed. The 38900 kit is also recommended for 1st time repairs. The inserts have a lip on the top that allows the inserts to be tightened down similar to how a bolt is secured.

Important - Please Read

The retaining clip is now included for the thread tap. The roll pin in the drill bit/reamer is the only stop needed for it.

*Bonus-During checkout just write " Tips" in the comment section or mention that you want "tips" when ordering on the phone and we'll email our exclusive tips. We've compiled these tips starting back in 2005. *We don't sell on eBay or Amazon - therefore, the FREE TIPS offer is only good when a purchase is made at or

This Calvan 38900-Combo Kit Includes:

  • Line up Guide. Goes in spark plug well to center reamer (like drill bit) and tap.
  • Cylinder Leak Tester. Used to help make sure valves are closed prior to drilling.
  • Reamer (similar to a drill bit). HSS High Speed Steel designed for aluminum. Not for drilling out old inserts.
  • Tap - Thread tap made specifically for preparing threads for installing the insert.
  • Video on our product listing. No DVD included anymore. See the video below in this listing.
  • 389-100 Black Oxide Inserts Quantity - 8. Quality checked by us before shipping.
  • Storage Case - Keeps all tooling together.
  • Emailed tips upon request when purchasing from us.
  • Thread Locker - Red permanent, high temp oil resistant. Used on exterior threads of insert.
  • JB Weld - Two part high temp to be used under the lip (or hat) of insert
MakeModelEngine 4.6Year *Exercise Caution
FordCrown Victoria4.6 SOHC 2V1992 - 2011
MercuryGrand Marquis4.6 SOHC 2V1992 - 2011
FordMustang4.6 SOHC 2V1996 - 2004 Excludes Cobra
FordThunderbird4.6 SOHC 2V1994 - 1997
FordE1504.6 SOHC 2V1997 - 2014
FordE2504.6 SOHC 2V1998 - 2014
FordExpedition4.6 SOHC 2V1997 - 2004
FordExplorer4.6 SOHC 2V2002 - 2005
FordF1504.6 SOHC 2V1997 - 2008
FordF1504.6 VIN W Only2009 *38900 for 2V's only
FordF1504.6 3 Valve2009 *See 39300 Kit
FordF2504.6 SOHC 2V1997 - 1999
LincolnTown Car4.6 SOHC 2V1991 - 2011
MercuryCougar XR74.6 SOHC 2V1994 - 1997
MercuryMountaineer4.6 SOHC 2V2002 - 2005
MakeModelEngine 5.4Year *Exercise Caution
FordE150/E-Series5.4 SOHC 2V1996 - 2017
FordF1505.4 SOHC 2V1997 - 2003
FordF1505.4 SOHC 2V2004 *38900 for 2V's only
FordF1505.4 SOHC 3V2004 * Some have 3V See 39300
FordF250 & F3505.4 SOHC 2V1997 - 2004
FordExpedition5.4 SOHC 2V1996 - 2004
FordExcursion5.4 SOHC 2V2000 - 2005
LincolnNavigator5.4 SOHC 2V1998-1999 *38900 2V's only
LincolnNavigator5.4 DOHC 4V1998-1999 *Some have 4V See 5553
Make Model Engine 6.8 Year
FordExcursion6.8 SOHC 2V2000 - 2005
FordF250-550, F536.8 SOHC 2V1997 - 2004
FordMotorhome6.8 SOHC 2V1997-2004
FordE350- E4506.8 SOHC 2V2014-2016

Calvan Tools 38900, Ford spark plug insert installer is designed to aid in repairing Ford modular cylinder heads on 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 2-Valve engines (NOT for 3V engines or DOHC). *38900 is not recommended for holes larger than .678" (17.20mm). This is the O.D. (Outside Diameter) of the reamer in the kit which is 11/16". If the hole is larger than .678" see the Time Sert 5600 kit which has a larger O.D. reamer which is approximately .73" (18.54mm). See our article for more information on this and other spark plug thread repair kits to fix Ford Spark Plug Blow Outs. Call if there are questions.

Quality, fool-proof repair system that is fast, cost effective and simple to use.

Used to repair damaged heads from blown spark plugs, with an alloy steel insert, which has no problems with heat transfer or grounding.

M14x1.25 Taper Seat 389-100 thread inserts.

The Calvan alloy steel insert is thicker than most competitive brands which allows for a superior repair even when a Helicoil Save-a-Thread was used previously and failed.

*It's recommended to use a video inspection camera to verify all metal shavings are out of the cylinder before installing the spark plug.

Use the 38900 kit right over the fender without removing the cylinder head. Alternatively, the kit can be used heads that are removed. Many customers decide to do all 8 so there's no future issues.

Question - Which is better the Time Sert 5553 or the Calvan 38900? See our FAQ's video below for the answer to this and other questions.

Over the Fender Repair for 2V 4.6, 5.4 & 6.8 liter engines (excludes InTech, see Time-Sert 5553)

Also works on 2001 and up SOHC engines with the Extra Step Material above the spark plug hole. The Calvan 38900 does not have a counter-bore like the Time Sert 5553 and 5600 to remove the step material before tapping the hole to accept the insert. The Time Sert 55518 counterbore is not designed to be used with the Calvan 38900. That's why TIME-SERT recommends for 2001 and up Romeo heads the 5553 or 5600 to be used since they include a 55518 counterbore. Using the 38900 on 01 and up Romeo heads can result in the spark plug being positioned up a little higher. However, we've had no problems reported when using the 38900 on 01 and up Romeo style heads. More information on how to identify these 2001 and up Romeo heads can be found in the following article - Extra Step Material.

Calvan 38900 Spark Plug Thread Repair Video

Calvan's larger outside diameter insert, which is considered a permanent repair is used in cases when smaller parts store temporary repairs have failed. The inferior parts store inserts are supposed to be held in by using a swedge tool on the top of the insert and hitting it with a hammer!

Reduce vehicle down time and added expense by eliminating the need to disassemble the top of the engine to send heads to the machine shop.

With the use of an inspection camera, a quick look into the cylinder after a repair insures there's no metal shavings remaining, prior to installing the spark plug.

This kit comes with a "how to" DVD video (same as YouTube video above). This along with our info, the job can be done quickly and accurately.

* When written instructions are followed also covered in the included "how to" video, there's no faster or better repair available. The cylinder leak tester saves time when making sure the valves are closed. The line-up guide allows for straight reaming even on back cylinders. Use of an air ratchet with a socket on the reamer allows for a 90 degree (right angle) for easier drilling. This makes working in tight spaces more comfortable. The Calvan thread repair inserts have stronger threads than the originals. The cost of the repair is only a fraction of replacement cylinder heads, the head gasket set, coolant, labor, etc. Also, be aware that many re-manufactured cylinder heads have inferior repair inserts like Helicoils or Lisle. If you buy one of those patched heads you could still end up having issues.

Bookmark or save this page to favorites, it has all the information needed to fix the common Ford spark plug blowout problem, including the instruction video, links to replacement inserts and the FAQ's article.

Using the Calvan 38900 Specialty Tool Kit

It's worth saying again "the Calvan kit has a much thicker insert that can be used when other thinner repairs like the Heli-coil Save-Thread or Lisle have failed to hold". Using the kit requires about the same amount of room as changing the spark plugs. Just a few steps more. The instruction video provides details on using the kit but there are more tips that we have written over the years since we've been selling this kit. These tips are emailed exclusively to our customers upon purchase, just ask us. We'll also personally answer our customer's questions if needed by email or phone, but we've found our written tips, help to clarify the job immensely for those doing this job for the first time.

At checkout just write "Tips" in the Comments section and we will email our exclusive tips for free when processing the order.

Tips - Emailed free after purchase. Not researched enough? We understand the concern when faced with drilling into your engine. Rest assured this is a proven repair that has been done by many do-it yourselfers and professional techs alike. For even more information see the following page - Calvan 38900 Application and FAQ's or give Dennis a call at 800-734-8665. If no answer please leave a message with what you are working on.

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This spark plug insert kit is designed for in vehicle repair of damaged or missing spark plug threads from ejected spark plugs in Ford 4.6 5.4...

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