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TIME-SERT 44111 Spark Plug Insert 14x1.25 with .75" Reach

TIME-SERT 44111 Spark Plug Insert 14x1.25 with .75

Product #: Time Sert 44111 DLT

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M14x1.25x16.8mm spark plug Insert quantity ONE: The 16.8mm length is typically used in what is considered 3/4" reach, washer seat spark plug applications (first time repair, meaning there was no previous insert installed). Time-Sert part number 44111 (14 x 1.25 x 16.8). Use with installation kit part number 4412 or 4412E DLT.
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Time Sert 4412 - Tooling shorter in length when compared to 4412E. Used on engines that don't have recessed plugs and are near the surface. Also easier to use in tighter areas when surrounding obstructions may hender tool use.

Time-Sert 4412E DLT - Longer Tooling for recessed plugs. Typically on some 4 cylinder engines that the spark plugs are down further in the head and NOT near the surface.

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