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Baum Tools GM Ecotech Timing Belt Alignment Kit B4145

Baum Tools GM Ecotech Timing Belt Alignment Kit B4145 image

Product #: B4145 DLT

Your Price: $219.55

Baum 4145 Camshaft Timing Tool Kit-GM, a great alternative for the Kent Moore J-42069. Fixtures made of aluminum and steel, kit comes with the 30mm spanner wrench (a $60 value by itself). Safely service timing belts on the the Cadillac DOHC interference engines with piece of mind! 

Used for servicing GM V6 timing components.
Holds cam gears in place.
Allows removal of timing belt on twin cam engines.
Fits all GM Ecotec 3.0L engines in many Cadillac Catera and CTS.

The B4145 is a less expensive alternative to the J-42069 kit which includes the J42069-10, J42069-2 and J42069-4 (pictured below). This kit is for holding the cam sprockets and crankshaft in place while changing the timing belt on 2.5 and 3.0 engines in Cadillac, Catera, CTS, Saturn and Saab vehicles. 

Baum 4145 Instructions pdf

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