GM 2.2 Ecotec Water Pump Job Made Easy J-43651

Image GM 2.2 Ecotec Water Pump Job Made Easy J-43651

By Dennis Bandy 

GM Evolving
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The 2.2 Ecotec is used in many GM cars today (first used in Saturn in US in 2000) for great gas mileage and power especially if equipped with a turbo. After market turbo kits are available to add extra punch. It is easy to see why GM has chosen to use the 2.2 liter 16 valve twin cam engine in most of their four cylinder applications today. GM has used this engine around the world in Chevrolet, Holden, Oldsmobile, Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn and Vauxville vehicles. lt has been tweaked over the years since it was first used in the 1970's in Opels, including DOHC's (double over head cams) fuel injection and design features to reduce vibration.
Water Pump R&R Challenge
The chance of you needing to change a water pump on one of these engines is increasing daily, with the number of the cars on the road today. Repair manuals refer to the SPX Kent Moore tool # J-43651 to save time and the extra labor required to remove the front timing cover and timing chains. We offer a low cost alternative in the OTC6616. The use of either of these specialty tools allows the user to hold the water pump sprocket in place without affecting the timing.
2.2 Used in the Following
  • Saturn L Series
  • Saab
  • Saturn VUE
  • Chevrolet Cavalier
  • Oldsmobile Alero
  • Pontiac Sunfire
  • Saturn Ion
  • Chevrolet Classic
  • Chevrolet Malibu
  • Chevrolet Cobalt
  • Pontiac Grand Am
  • Opel Astra / Vauxville / Holden
  • Subaru
  • How to Change the Ecotec Water Pump

    The water pump sprocket is held by the holding tool when the access cover is removed. Start a couple two of the water pump access cover bolts through the slotted holes in the tool, do not tighten yet. Using the three bolts supplied with the tool, secure it to the water pump sprocket, then tighten the two access cover bolts used to hold the tool in place.

    This prevents the timing chain and sprocket from moving while changing the water pump from the backside. This also eliminates the need to remove the entire front timing cover and lining up the timing marks. Now that the sprocket is held safely in place, remove the three bolts that hold the sprocket to the water pump.
    Note that on some models the exhaust manifold may need to be removed to allow room for the water pump to come out. Remove the water pump drain bolt and drain the coolant. Remove the thermostat housing and pipe from the water pump. Remove the water pump and install the replacement, after the bolts are in place to hold the sprocket to the water pump the tool can then be removed. Re-install all other components to complete the job. See this pdf for additional directions for installing a water pump using the J-43651, OTC6616 or the alternative VS 4769 holding tool.

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    How to tech article about a specialty tool for changing water pumps on the Ecotec engine, using this tool saves money & down time.