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TIME-SERT 4412E-111 Spark Plug Repair M14x1.25

TIME-SERT 4412E-111 Spark Plug Repair M14x1.25 image

Product #: 4412E-111 DLT

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M14x1.25 spark plug repair tooling Extended for DEEP reach holes. Kit includes 5 inserts p/n 44111 for washer seat plugs also known as washer or gasket type plugs.  
Used in 3/4 reach gasket style spark plugs commonly used in:
Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, BMW Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi, Kia and others.


The wrench which is the black tool on the left, is used to rotate all the tools, has a 1/2" inch hex at the top which can allow you to extend the tooling with a socket further if needed. 

The tap in the wrench is approx. 8" in over all length.

Time Sert 4412E-111 Kit Includes the Following

  Wrench, two pieces consists of tool that engages seat cutter and "T" handle. PN 44192

  Step-Tap PN 44191-E

  Insert Driver PN 4419E

  Seat Cutter PN 44193E

  44111 Inserts qty of 5

The Inserts included in this kit are sold separately. This kit can use many different insert lengths and can be washer seat or taper seat. See our related auto repair blog that has some application answers along with a partial vehicle list that the kit works on - Time Sert 4412E-111 FAQ's.

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Insert 44186 is for Ford 3.0L engines with 3/4 reach TAPER SEAT spark plugs.

Insert 44187 is for Ford 2.0L engines with 24mm reach TAPER SEAT spark plugs.

Insert 44111 is for Ford 1.3L, 1.8L and 3.9L engines with 3/4 reach WASHER SEAT spark plugs. (Also fits other makes that meet these specifications)
Insert 44129 is for the washer seat .60" and M14x1.25.

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