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TIME-SERT 0122A Oil Drain Plug Repair - Aluminum Pan 1/2-20

TIME-SERT 0122A Oil Drain Plug Repair - Aluminum Pan 1/2-20 image

Product #: Time-Sert 0122A DLT

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Time-Sert oil drain plug repair kit for aluminum pans with standard sae 1/2" by 20 thread pitch size plugs. This kit is a must for any repair shops that perform oil changes. One aluminum drain plug thread repair can save hundreds of dollars! This kit not only restores the oil pan back to it's original 1/2"x20 thread size... it makes it STRONGER! This kit part number 0122A is commonly used on Fords. Why replace an oil pan for around $500 when this repair can be done on the vehicle for a a fraction of the cost? Are aluminum threads stronger than the steel threads? Of course not, that's why TIME-SERT thread inserts are a better option than replacing an aluminum oil pan.

Timesert is recommended by leading automotive manufacturers.

Contents of the TIME-SERT 0122A - Diameter 1/2" x 20

Drill Bit for drilling initial hole for thread tap.


Tap guide



5 steel inserts, PN 01225

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