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TIME-SERT 2200 Toyota Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit

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Product #: TIME-SERT 2200 DLT

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Call for daily unadvertised specials! Time-Sert 2200 universal thread insert repair kit used for 11.0 x 1.5 Toyota head bolt. The following vehicles that have 11.0 x 1.5mm headbolts are covered with this universal kit; Toyota Camry, Toyota Rav4 and Scion. More information and questions answered on our article at the following link -TIME-SERT 2200 FAQ's.

Note that this kit uses 11155 inserts which ten are included (enough for the entire 4cyl block). They are for first time repairs (holes that have not been repaired previously). If a previous repair has been used like HeliCoil, the Time Sert 2200BS will be needed which is an oversized repair. Since this is a universal kit, the instructions must be followed because of several applications are covered. Marking the depth on the drill tap and driver is very important.

Question - On the holes that have line-up dowels. Do you have to replace the dowels? Will the hole be too large after reaming?

Answer - No. The tooling will not disturb the original dowel hole. Dowels have to be removed before you can drill the hole that has a dowel in it. The dowel will go back in as long as it was not damaged when it was removed.

See our dowel removal tool CAL95400.

Workaround without the special tool below. Caution: Do not mar the surface of the block!

Place a suitable bolt that will fit closely into Dowel so that it will not crush. Use a pair of vise grips to hold on the "outside" of the dowel. Slowly work the dowel back and forth as you use slight pressure under the vise grip with a screw driver to give up lift. Use care not to scratch the top of block in the process. Sometimes head alignment dowels will come out easy and sometimes hard depending on tolerances of the block, how much the dowel gets crushed in the process, or rust, etc.

See the pdf instructions for details.

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Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Camry Head Bolt - Best Fix

Recently had a blown head gasket with my Toyota Camry. Found out that the threads had failed and that was the reason. Turns out this is a very common problem with Toyota, including the Rav 4 and Highlander too. Toyota disappointed me in their quality. But at least Time Sert had a great fix for this common Camry Head Bolt problem - by far the best fix!

Reviewed Thu, Aug 20 2015 10:53 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Rav4, Camry and Highlander

The Time Sert 2200 kit is very well engineered and is easy to use. I've used it on three jobs so far. I bought a used kit on eBay but the pieces were dull and chipped. Had to return it. Also saw where other guys on a forum had tried to rent a kit but had the same problem. Rentals are usually used up and worn out! Bought a new one here at DenLors from Dennis and the drill and tap were so much sharper. It made easy work to drill & cut through the aluminum block and then tap threads for the inserts. When following the included laminated instructions, the repair is very easy to complete. Use tape over the top of the block to keep metal shavings from falling into the cylinders. Have some brake cleaner on hand to clean things up. Especially for the Loctite on the threads. Even with sharp tools, drilling takes the longest time, but after you're more comfortable, the rest of the go faster. It took me just a little over an hour to repair 10 holes on the first job I did. Since then I've gotten faster. I've repaired the head bolt holes on a Toyota Rav4, Toyota Camry and a Highlander so far. Wouldn't think of using anything else. This kit has more than payed for itself.

Reviewed Fri, Mar 11 2016 1:59 pm by
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