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Rescue Bit Multi-Pack RB8 Reamer set with 1/8" Collet

Rescue Bit Multi-Pack RB8 Reamer set with 1/8

Product #: RB8

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3" Rescue Bit set including 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" Drill Points on one end and Reamer Ends on the other. Comes with 1/8" Collet. One end of each bit has a drill point and the other end has a reamer point. Rescue Bits have a very hard metal compound and are typically used for drilling into tooling that normally cannot be drilled, like broken EZ Outs, broken bolts, drill bits, thread taps. Use in a drill or die grinder.

The drill point ends are used for drilling and cutting out the hardened metal and the reaming end is designed to finish the task by cutting and reaming the remainder portion of the screw extractor, tap, bolt etc. When close to exiting the broken extractor, tap, bolt etc., take the bit out and flip it over to the reaming end to finish removing. Using the Rescue Bit in this manner will help to save the life of the Rescue Bit.

Also see the following  Rescue Bit Tips pdf. and the entire Rescue Bit section. Rescue bits as well as reamers, drill bits and taps etc are consumable items. As such they carry no warranty expressed or implied. Have questions about the Rescue Bit? Please read our article with Common Rescue Bit Questions Answered


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