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H&S Autoshot 9850 Dent Repair Station - Aluminum/Steel

H&S Autoshot 9850 Dent Repair Station - Aluminum/Steel image

Product #: UNI-9850 DLT

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H & S Autoshot Complete Dent Repair Station part #:UNI-9850 Both aluminum and steel dent repairs can be addressed with one welder. Welder requires 220V power source. Welders within one housing, however, they are separate which eliminates contamination issues. Bridge systems included with this repair station makes repairing even larger aluminum panels much easier allowing the user to dial in pulling tension that's needed and maintain until cooled temperature has been reached. *Ships free by truck to business addresses only. This comes directly from the manufacturer and usually takes 10-14 business days anywhere in the USA. See more images on our second website Wise AutoTools.com UNI-9850.

UNI-9850 Repair Station Includes:

  • UNI-9800 Combination stud welder
  • 4mm aluminum welding studs
  • 6mm aluminum welding studs
  • 4mm & 6mm pulling adapters
  • 2.2mm Uni-Studs
  • 2.6mm Uni-Studs
  • Straight Uni-Tabs
  • Twisted Uni-Tabs
  • Welding tips to weld aluminum and steel pulling attachments
  • Uni-Tab welding tip
  • 10", 14" & 18" pulling rods
  • Deluxe "T" handle slide hammer
  • Stud Buddy
  • Uni-Wire (also known as wiggle wire)
  • Uni-Wire welding tip
  • Slide hammer for Uni-Wire
  • Heavy weight glue tabs
  • Heavy weight glue
  • Glue gun
  • Uni-Vac suction slide hammer
  • Quick-puller for single studs
  • 34" pulling bridge w/ 1 puller
  • 49" pulling bridge w/ 2 pullers

H&S Autoshot’s new UNI-9850 is a complete dent repair station offering three methodologies to repair both paint on and paint off panel damage. This system was designed to incorporate several pulling techniques and methods gathered from around the world. It allows for an immediate return on the body shop’s investment and the UNI-9850 combination welder works on both steel and aluminum. There are three capabilities within one station. The UNI-9850 is a steel stud/tab welder and an aluminum stud welder in one unit (separate welding systems and cables in one package with no contamination concerns). In addition, the system includes a new heavy-duty glue pulling system. This technique allows the technician to make large repairs with the paint on. Paint off repairs will be addressed with the UNI-9850 on both steel and aluminum panels. The system includes a number of options and accessories to meet the various needs of any repair requirements. Both paint on and paint off repairs will be accomplished with the H&S Pulling Bridges. See the UNI9850 video below for more information.

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