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ATD-5401 Spark Plug Insert for ATD 5400 Kit

ATD-5401 Spark Plug Insert for ATD 5400 Kit image

Product #: ATD5401 DLT

Your Price: $19.99

Brand: Mountain

Replacement insert for ATD-5400, insert part number is ATD-5401.

  • Patented lip helps insure there is no loss of compression.
  • Permanent fix to damaged cylinder threads.
  • Replacement insert for the ATD 5400 repair kit.
  • Replacement spark plug insert for many 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 Ford 2V engines. 
  • Used to repair damaged cylinder heads with blown spark plugs.

Replacement insert for the Ford Cylinder Repair Kit (ATD-5400). This listing is for 1 insert. Steel alloy steel insert.

Replacement ATD5401 insert for 5400 spark plug thread repair kit.

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Best Ford spark plug insert in my book

Ford spark plug problems are very common in my town. Spark plug thread repairs? I've tried them all. This is the best. Just wanted to say, if you have a spark plug blowout in a 4.6, 5.4 or 6.8 that this kit will work on, do yourself a favor and use the best and do it once!

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