Fowler 72-482-040-0 36pc. Xtra-Punch set

Fowler 72-482-040-0 36pc. Xtra-Punch set image

Product #: FOW72-482-040-0

Your Price: $94.73

Brand: Fowler

Features and Benefits

  • 1/2" -1" range in 1/64" steps
  • Each sleeve and punch is clearly laser etched with its size
  • Heavy duty for larger applications
  • Punch tips are hardened 48-55 HRC
  • Master punches are 4 7/8" in length and sleeves are 1" in length
  • 36 pc set, 3 master punches and 33 individually sized sleeves
  • Supplied in fitted, shop hardened case

Simply select the sleeve for the size required, place it on one of the master punches for that range and it is ready to use.  Punches and sleeve ranges are color coded for easy pairing. 

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