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TIME-SERT 14125F 8mm Harley Spark Plug Thread Repair M14x1.25

TIME-SERT 14125F 8mm Harley Spark Plug Thread Repair M14x1.25 image

Product #: 14125F DLT

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*Note: This is the optional short kit for 8mm inserts: NOT recommended for inserts longer than 8mm, use our standard spark plug kits (4412 or 4412E).

M14x1.25 spark plug thread repair for short 8mm length inserts pn 44123. Unlike the standard kits mentioned above; This kit pn 14125F does not have a standard counterbore to create the countersink for the flange so the insert sits below the surface. The 14125F kit is only for for spark plugs that are NOT recessed. This means the spark plug should be visibly near the surface.

Kit p/n 14125F includes 8mm length inserts for Harley Davidson applications that have a very shallow reach.
Example: Used in Harley Davidson where the spark plug thread length is 8mm using a Autolite spark plug part number 86. 

Measure your spark plug thread or cross refernce your spark plug if needed to see if it is equivelant to the Autolite 86 plug. Many Harley Davidson spark plugs use 3/8 and 3/4 reach plugs which would use the Time Sert p/n 4412 kit with inserts p/n 44125 for 3/8 and p/n 44111 for 3/4 reach.

Normally a special tool called "seat cutter" would be used in the standard
Time Sert p/n 4412 or 4412E kits to countersink and clean the seat but we cannot use
the standard seat cutter because of the tap threading too far into the head. That's the reason we offer the 14125F kit for the shallow spark plug thread repair.

The P/n 14125F kit includes: Drill, counterbore, tap, tap guide, installation driver
and 5 inserts 8mm in length pn 44123. This kit will not be able to clean a new seat where
the washer will touch, it will only install an insert.  

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