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TIME-SERT 4490 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit M14x1.25

TIME-SERT 4490 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit M14x1.25 image

Product #: Time Sert 4490 DLT

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Finally a spark plug thread repair kit that has both taper seat and washer seat inserts with assorted lengths. The coverage that this kit has makes it ideal for any shop that wants to be prepared for just about anything that comes in the door! All in a convenient storage case so nothing gets lost. Includes longer tooling like found in the 4412E, for deep spark plug hole thread repairs. Also comes with a shorter wrench (which is used on all tooling) that makes it easier to use this longer tooling on spark plugs holes that are not deep. So you're prepared for near surface holes or recessed holes like found on some foreign and domestic 4 cylinders.

M14x1.25 spark plug repair kit p/n 4490 this tool kit includes all the tooling necessary to do spark plug thread repairs and includes assorted length inserts, all M14x1.25mm which is the most common size spark plug in cars today. Below is a list of the inserts included and remember we can sell just the inserts anytime the kit needs to be replenished. 

Washer style (2) p/n 44125 9.4mm, (2) p/n 44127 11mm, (2) p/n 44113 13.5mm, (2) p/n 44129 15mm, (2) p/n 44111 16.8mm, (2) p/n 44112 23mm. Taper style inserts (2) p/n 44183 10mm, (2) p/n 44185 15.7mm, (2) p/n 44186 16.8mm, (2) p/n 44187 24mm and sealer.
There is also a mini wrench that can be used to help with clearance issues when you need a shorter wrench. Using the mini wrench with the extended tooling makes the tooling the same overall reach as the short version 4412. 

Time Sert 4412E Kit Includes the Following

  Wrench, two pieces consists of tool that engages seat cutter and "T" handle. PN 44192 and also the 44192M (shorter wrench)

  Step-Tap PN 44191-E

  Insert Driver PN 4419E

  Seat Cutter PN 44193E

 Loctite, Permanent High Temperature

*Note this is a first time thread repair kit. If doing a repair on a hole that has been fixed before with a competitive brand, see the 5553 Big Sert or Triple oversize 5600 kit.

Printable Instructions for Time-Sert 4412E

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Insert 44186 is for Ford 3.0L engines with 3/4 reach TAPER SEAT spark plugs.

Insert 44187 is for Ford 2.0L engines with 24mm reach TAPER SEAT spark plugs.

Insert 44111 is for Ford 1.3L, 1.8L and 3.9L engines with 3/4 reach WASHER SEAT spark plugs. (Also fits other makes that meet these specifications)
Insert 44129 is for the washer seat .60" and M14x1.25.

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Ready to Rock n Roll!

Wanted a thread repair kit that can handle just about any application. This was it - since most spark plugs are M14. Kit comes with taper and washer seat style inserts. It's a good feeling to have a kit on hand when there's a problem with one of our customer's cars. Ready to Rock n Roll! BTW - Also like oil pan kit too.

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