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TIME-SERT 55522 Triple Over-Size Replacement Insert

TIME-SERT 55522 Triple Over-Size Replacement Insert image

Product #: TimeSert 55522 DLT

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This listing is for ONE insert. It's size is M18x1.5x15mm insert that accepts a Big Sert that allows a M14x1.25 spark plug to be used. *Note the M18x1.5 is created on the inside when the proper installation driver is used. Please do NOT purchase this insert unless you already have the Time Sert 5588 or the 5600 Big Sert kit. Tooling is not sold individually, a kit is required to use this insert. The purpose of this insert is to increase the outside diameter when a spark plug hole has been damaged and made too large for a Big Sert insert alone. Triple oversize insert for use in the 5600 kit and the 5588 kit. A Big Sert insert is required to go inside this insert.
See the Time Sert 5600 stand alone kit or the 5588 add on kit for more information.

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Great Quality

Used all mine in a 5600 kit and bought more. Excellent quality.

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