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Meguiars MEGM0716 Show Car Glaze - 16 oz

Meguiars MEGM0716 Show Car Glaze - 16 oz image

Product #: MEGM0716

Your Price: $12.51

Brand: custom2

The do-it-yourselfers best friend.
Legendary on the show car circuit.
For those of you who love a hand-rubbed finish, this superb glaze is guaranteed to give you that deep, wet shine prized among car collectors.
This polish will outshine all other hand-applied polishes, glazes, waxes or sealants.
It won't dry white, and it's safe and effective on all paint finishes.
Used as part of your 5-Step Surface Care Cycle, Show Car Glaze is just one of many secrets of the pros that add up to a superlative appearance for your treasured automobile.
For use by hand, orbital buffer or dual action polisher.
Made for professionals.

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