Rescue Bit

Rescue Bit 1/8" x 3" Double End Drill Point and Reamer

Rescue Bit 1/8

Product #: 18X3RBDERM DLT

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This listing is for one 1/8" diameter by 3" long Rescue Bit broken tooling extractor. Hard metal compound allows drilling into tooling which normally cannot be drilled. Use to remove broken bolts, drill bits, thread taps or EZ Out extractors. This is a 1/8" Double Ended Drill Point Rescue Bit with one end as a drill bit point and the other end is a reamer end. Help prevent tool breakage by switching to the reamer end when the drilling is almost through the object. The reamer end can also withstand higher RPM's than the drill point. 

Also see the following Rescue Bit Tips pdf. and the entire Rescue Bit section. Rescue bits as well as reamers, drill bits and taps etc are consumable items. As such they carry no warranty expressed or implied. Have questions about the Rescue Bit? Please read our article with Common Rescue Bit Questions Answered.  

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Rescue Bit

I Was removing broken studs in an engine block for fuel injector pump on a dodge 5.9L diesel. While drilling a pilot hole in broken stud, I broke about 2 inches of a Cobalt Drill bit in the stud and was unable to drill through the bit with any high speed hardened drill bits. I used a 3/16" X 3" Rescue bit and it drilled right through the drill bit with ease. I was able to ream the pilot hole larger and broke out the remaining pieces in the threads. It Worked as advertised. I highly recommend this tool! This saved a lot of time and aggravation.

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