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Urethane Supply 1' FiberFlex Rod 1/8" x 3/8" Cross Section for Mini Weld Mode

Urethane Supply 1' FiberFlex Rod 1/8

Product #: URE5003R10

Your Price: $32.72

Brand: Urethane Supply Company

Each rod is 1 foot long, and there are 30 of them in a pack. The FiberFlex really is amazing. It's exclusive carbon and glass fiber combination gives FiberFlex the stamina to withstand extreme abuse without breaking. No two-part adhesive matches the resilience and durability of FiberFlex.  It's loaded with benefits. It's sticky... even on problem plastics like TPO, TEO and polypropylene. It's strong... special polymer blend formulated to work best on problem plastics... and with the glass fibers and carbon fibers mixed in, you get a killer bond.

It's fast... two-parts seem to take forever to cure, but FiberFlex's thermoplastic base hardens in seconds. It's easy... Just grind and apply FiberFlex. No more wasted time with adhesion promoters. It's inexpensive... Unlike two part repair materials, there is no waste with FiberFlex. Every bit of the material is used on the repair. No wasting money on mixer tips.

You can repair 50% quicker when you use the FiberFlex round rod with the speed tip (not included). FiberFlex is an improvement over the Uni-Weld Ribbon... not that Uni-Weld ribbon needed improvement. Here is what we did to the Uni-Weld formulation to make the FiberFlex formulation. Uni-Weld ribbon has a lot of fillers added to the mix. That's what gives it the awesome sanding qualities. But, by having the fillers in the mix, it reduces the strength and flexibility.

With FiberFlex, we reduced the amount of filler to improve on both the strength AND flexibility. Newer resins in FiberFlex have been optimized to adhere best to the most stubborn TPO's. Carbon fibers AND glass fibers were also added to the mix for still more strength.

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