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OTC 4480 Stinger® Basic Fuel Injection Service Kit

OTC 4480 Stinger® Basic Fuel Injection Service Kit image

Product #: OTC4480

Your Price: $111.60

Brand: OTC

  • Fuel System Service Kit consisting of Fuel Pressure Gauge and a variety of adapters included
  • Common Domestic and Import applications for shops where service is limited and/or newer technicians
  • Easy access instructions; Instruction decal with French and Spanish
  • Great starter kit, or second kit for a multi bay shop
  • Convenient storage case keeps pieces together

The new 4480 Basic Fuel Pressure Test Kit, from Stinger by OTC, performs running, residual, rail, and flow-rate fuel pressure tests. The kit includes a professional, dual-scale pressure gauge (0-100 PSI and 0-700 kPa) with a relief valve, fuel discharge hose, and protective rubber boot. The 4480 kit also includes adapters, hoses, and fittings to test domestic fuel injection systems, two popular adapters for import vehicles, plus the GM TBI adapter. Whether you’re a new technician—looking to offer basic fuel pressure service—or a full service shop—looking for a basic tool to complement your professional grade, fuel pressure service kit—the 4480 kit from Stinger by OTC, offers a great, value-based solution.

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