TIME-SERT 1610E2 M6x1.0 Extended Metric Thread Repair Kit

TIME-SERT 1610E2 M6x1.0 Extended Metric Thread Repair Kit image

Product #: TIME-SERT 1610E2 DLT

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The 1610E2 has been discontinued.

Question - TIME-SERT 1610E2, says not available, do you have an alternative product? I contacted Time-Sert and they said they have kits to sell?

Answer - Thanks for the inquiry. As the listing says, that kit has been discontinued. They had a problem with the longer tooling breaking and chose to discontinue them for that reason. Time Sert does not sell it anymore so I'm confused as to why they would tell you that had it available. The alternative would be a kit that installs the same insert which is the 1610 (it has shorter tooling) and the 16107 inserts. Extending the tooling will most likely need to be done by using 1/4" drive 12 point sockets and a ratchet. May be slower when drilling but can be done.

Dodge sprinter / Mercedes injector hold down clamp bolt

If you have a broken bolt at the bottom of the hole the 5812D will also take care of that problem. We now put an oversized BIG-SERT at the top of the head but you must use a larger M8x1.25 grade 8 bolt you can purchase separately at your local hardware or parts store.

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