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CalVan Tools 389-6000 Replacement DVD for 38900

CalVan Tools 389-6000 Replacement DVD for 38900 image

Product #: CAL 389-6000 DLT

Your Price: $9.95

Brand: CalVan Tools

Replacement Instruction DVD for Calvan 38900, also known as Snap On FRT10-1.

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DVD - High quality video instructions on how to use the kit.

Cylinder Leak Detector - Used to help determine top dead center. Pops out to indicate.
Line-up Guide - Needed to properly guide the Core Bit and Tap.

Core Drill Bit - Made specifically to work in the guide/line-up adapter.

Tap - Made to specifications for the 389-100 insert's outside size and threads.

Insert - Replacement insert for the Calvan 38900.
This spark plug insert kit is designed for in vehicle repair of damaged or missing spark plug threads from ejected spark plugs in Ford 4.6 5.4...

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