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AAA K6855685AB Alternate Blend Door Repair Kit Grand Cherokee

AAA K6855685AB Alternate Blend Door Repair Kit Grand Cherokee image

Product #: AAA-K6855685AB

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Discontinued. See This alternative door fixes common side to side air flow issues without removing the dash and converts dual zones into one. Eliminates the chance of needing to remove the case to replace a rear actuator/motor. It's DIY friendly because it installs behind the glove box without removal of the evaporator/heater core case. No need to recover and recharge the A/C. Restores proper air flow for heat and air conditioning. Finally a blend door repair kit that replaces the weak factory Jeep Grand Cherokee HVAC doors. Installs quickly without dis-assembly of the dash. This solid metal HVAC door assembly replaces the dual zone door which commonly breaks. The dual zone is converted to a single door which is operated with the driver's side control.

Typical AC Blend door problems with Jeep Grand Cherokee 1998-04 

1. Blows hot on drivers side with AC on. 

2. Blows hot on passengers side with AC on. 

3. Blows cold on drivers side with heat on. 

4. Blows cold on passengers side with heat on. 

*Please don't order based on symptoms alone. Please verify this is your problem before ordering. One check on single zone systems is to remove the actuator that's located behind the glovebox door. If the white piece behind the actuator can be turned by hand completely around and does not come to any "stops" in either direction, the door is broken. Keep in mind that on dual zone systems there is a second actuator on the backside of the case at the firewall (inaccessible) that prevents you from checking the back portion of the door in the same manner.
This HVAC door kit also works for single zone systems which has the same temperature for driver and the passenger. It also works for manual or automatic temperature control systems. Works for BOTH left hand and right hand steer vehicles. Approximate installation time is one hour. Shops say the next one usually takes about half that time.

Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1998-2004 Blend Door Kit Includes:
1. Detailed instructions.
2. Insulating tape for sealing seam.
3. Solid steel pivot rod.
4. Steel doors with premium PVC foam insulation covering both sides of the doors.
5. 9V electrical pig tail used to move the position of the actuator if needed. *Note the system will self calibrate the motor/door after the repair has been done.
*This is an alternate to the discontinued Chrysler K6855685AB. After the repair on dual zone systems both driver's and passenger side temp will be controlled by the drivers side temp control. 

To Whom it May Concern:

Wanted to take a minute and thank you for such great service.  I recently purchased the replacement blend door for my wife's Grand Cherokee.  The passenger side climate control had been out for the past two years, and we didn't have either the money or the know-how to replace that actuator.  Thankfully, this product resolved the issue by allowing the entire car to be controlled by the driver's dial. Previously, every 4 months or so, I was having to manually tape the passenger side blend door either up or down to allow only cold or hot air to pass through. And if there was a hot week or two in the winter, or a cold couple days in the summer, she would be miserable.  
You guys delivered the perfect solution.  On top of that, it came extremely quick, and with excellently detailed instructions on how to install it.  I've never worked on a car beyond checking fluid levels or changing out tires, and I was able to fix this quite easily.
Just wanted to thank you guys for making my wife and myself very happy with our Jeep again.


Rick R. 

Image 5.0 stars out of 5

Don't know why Jeep went with the cheap plastic door. The repair shop wanted $800 to remove the dash and put the new door in. I installed this one myself in one afternoon. Best of all I now have a STEEL DOOR!

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