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Master Appliance MT70 TRIGGERTORCH PALM SIZED image

Product #: MASMT70

Your Price: $20.29

Brand: Master Appliance

Features and Benefits:

  • Gas adjustment wheel provides adjustable, long blue torch flame with temperatures up to 2,500°F/1300°C
  • Self-igniting piezo electric ignition is easy to start and eliminates the need for lighter or matches
  • Incorporates "trigger" switch with "pulldown" lock to meet Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Child Safety Requirements
  • "Hands-free" slide lock for continuous use and instant off operation
  • Ergonomic handle design ensures a non-slip grip

Other features include: removable base for table-top or hand-held use; 60 minutes continuous run time with a full charge; durable self-contained, refillable plastic fuel tank; refill with Master Ultratane Butane for best performance; unique shutter lever to easily extinguish ignition flame if using optional soldering or hot air tip attachments; combo pack includes mini-triggertorch and palm-sized microtorch. Use to heat parts, ignite materials, melt plastic, shrink tubing, solder and desolder, terminate specialty connectors and more.

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