TIME SERT 6250 BS Metric Head Bolt Thread Kit 10x1.25 Oversize

TIME SERT 6250 BS Metric Head Bolt Thread Kit 10x1.25 Oversize image

Product #: Time Sert 6250BS DLT

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Free Shipping included with this kit. The TIME-SERT 6250BS head bolt thread repair kit is a universal head bolt thread kit that can be used on a variety of automobile engines that use the (M10x1.25) millimeter by 1.25 millimeter bolt size. This is for a "2nd time" repair means it has had a previous repair done with a Heli Coil or some other competitive brand thread repair kit. If doing a "first time" repair use the Time Sert 6250 standard size kit. Either 6250 or 6250BS will accept the same size M10x1.25 head bolts, the difference is with the OD (Outside Diameter). We have a partial application list below.

The 6250BS is considered a "universal" kit because the tooling has an adjustable stop that can be adjusted to work on holes of different depths. Although, it works on other cars is is mostly used Honda engines. We recommend installing ALL the inserts while the head is off to help eliminate the possibilty threads pulling when installing the head bolts and torquing to the maufacturer's specifications (torque specs). That also eliminates weak links that the remaining aluminum threads would end up being, that could possibly fail shortly after the car is back on the road. Therefore it's recommended to upgrade to the much stronger tensil strength steel, bushing type inserts (part number 50125) that are included in the Time-Sert 6250 head bolt thread repair kit. TIME-SERT is recommended by leading automobile manufacturers. 10 inserts included in each Universal head bolt kit 2 of each size of head alignment dowel (.550 p/n 6255BS and .530 p/n 7588BS).

Time Sert 6250BS Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit Includes:

Qty Item Number Tool

1 - 9216 Drill Fixture

1 - J-42385-307 Drill Bushing

1 - J-42385-308 Alignment Pin

1 - 31081 Core Drill

1 - 6251 Tap

1 - 6252 Insert Driver

2 - 6253 Bolts, Short

2 - 6254 Bolts, Medium

1 - 7586 Ink Marker, Sharpie

1 - Metal Ruler

1 - 6010 Driver Oil

1 - 6020 Loctite Sealer

2 - 6255BS Alignment Dowels

2 - 7588BS Alignment Dowels

10 - 50125 M10x1.25mm Replacement Big Sert Inserts


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