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TIME-SERT 51407 M14x1.25 Washer Seat Over Size Insert

TIME-SERT 51407 M14x1.25 Washer Seat Over Size Insert image

Product #: TimeSert 51407-1 DLT

Your Price: $8.36

TIME-SERT 51407 14x1.25 Washer/Gasket Seat Over Size Steel Insert with 16.8mm reach - considered 3/4" reach. 51407. It is made for spark plugs that have threads on the length of the plug that sits in the insert. Use 5141, 5141E, 5553 or 5600 Time Sert kits for installation.

*Loctite sealer is required for ALL taper seat inserts. Use of PN 6020 is recommended.

Question - Why is there a chunk missing out of the side of the insert?

Answer - The piece missing is NOT a defect. Time-Sert calls this part of the insert the "socket with metal locking pin". It is an engineered locking design. Once the insert is installed with the driver, the locking pin is pushed out and locks the insert into place. This creates a "cam lock" which helps to insure the insert will NOT back out.

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