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Baum B900-0199 Broken Glow Plug Remover Set

Baum B900-0199 Broken Glow Plug Remover Set image

Product #: B900-0199 DLT

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Baum Specialty Tool B-900-0199 Broken Glow Plug Remover tool kit. Used to remove broken glow plugs right over the fender without removal of the cylinder head. The kit comes with M5x0.8 tap for making threads into the center shell of the glow plug to allow the M8x0.8 puller screw to be installed. It also has an M8x1.0 thread tap and an M10x1.0 tap used for cleaning up (or chasing) the threads in the head for the glow plug. The tools in this kit are a great time saver because it's used to help prevent the need of removing the cylinder head to extract a broken injector. *Note this kit is designed for European models like VW's and Sprinters, however some of our customer's have reported that they have used this kit successfully on the Duramax Diesel as well.

DenLors and Wise Auto Tools includes a free 1/4" tap and one 1/4" puller screw that works better for some Duramax glow plugs that have a larger internal housing. We are also including the M10x1.25 Thread Chaser that works on Duramax Glow Plug threads.

Glow Plug threads should not be harmed when this kit is used properly. However if they are we have Time Sert M10x1.0 4010GP for commonly used in Sprinter engines and TIME-SERT M10x1.25 Duramax 5000 kit available separately.

Kit Includes

  1. Ratchet T-Bar
  2. Drill Bit 9 x 4.2mm    *Drill bits are considered consumables Extra pair of Bits Avail.
  3. Drill Bit 7 x 4.2mm
  4. Top connection removal star socket (9.2mm square socket)
  5. Allen key 3mm
  6. 6 x 3.5 x 40 L Pilot drill centering sleeves QTY 2
  7. Tap M10x1.0
  8. Tap M8x1.0
  9. Tap M5x0.8
  10. Spindle or puller screw M5x0.8 QTY 2
  11. Pilot drill bits 3.5 QTY 2
  12. Puller outer housing (Hex 12mm spindle) (Hex 30mm Force nut) (Cone center tool)
  13. Drill installer or drill holding adapter

BONUS from DenLors and Wise - Not pictured

  1. Tap M10x1.25
  2. Tap 1/4"-2
  3. Spindle or puller screw 1/4-28 QTY 1

Since skill levels of technicians can vary greatly we cannot guarantee personal success. However, we can say that our customers that do fleet service on Sprinters love this tool kit. *Note we cannot accept returns on used kits. We only accept returns on new sell-able tools. See our policies for more details. Drill bits, taps, mandrells etc are considered to be consumables in the tool industry. Parts in this kit are not warrantied due to the nature of the tools.

See this type tool in use below in the UK repair video. We have this kit available for quick shipment here in the USA. Call us if expedited shipping is needed or check out online.

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