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Baum B5452 Volvo Cam Timing Setting kit

Baum B5452 Volvo Cam Timing  Setting kit image

Product #: B5452 DLT

Your Price: $818.85

This set is designed to properly Secure and Align the cylinder head, cam and
crankshaft during Removal and Installation of cylinder head assemblies on (4),
(5) and (6) cyl engines - also for the proper installation of camshaft cover to the
engine head and useful when replacing camshaft seal. Also see the lower cost equivelant Volvo Cam and Crank Lock kit - Win Tools 5452-V500.

S80 (07-), V70 (08-), S80 (-06), XC90, V70 (00-08), V70 XC
(01-) / XC70 (-07), S60, C30, C70 (06-), S40 (04-), V50, S40
(-04), V40, 850, C70 Coupe (-02), C70 Conv (-05), S70, V70
(-00), V70 XC (-00), 960, S90, V90
Engine:B41XX, B42XX, B52XX, B62XX, B63XX, GB5252S

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