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TIME-SERT 1202 Metric Fine Mini Master Thread Repair Kit

TIME-SERT 1202 Metric Fine Mini Master Thread Repair Kit image

Product #: TS 1202 DLT

Your Price: $300.84

Part # 1202 this kit contains 3 complete Time-Sert kits.
Sizes included:
M6 x 1.0, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.25
Each size comes with 20 inserts: 10 Short and 10 Long for a total of 60 inserts!
This kit comes in a rugged blow-molded case with room for 2 additional sizes!
TIME-SERT Is a sophisticated thread repair system that many consider to be superior to any other method of repairing stripped or damaged threads.
TIME-SERT is a solid bushing insert which installs easily and allows for full torque to be applied to repaired threads, ensuring a strong, permanent repair.
TIME-SERT is thin walled due to synchronized internal / external threads. Small outer diameter allows for installation in areas where clearance is critical.
TIME-SERT is self-positioning. The flange on the top of the insert will insure that the insert cannot wind down into the newly repaired hole.
TIME-SERT is self locking. On installation the bottom internal threads of the insert expand to lock the insert in place.

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