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Hein Werner HW 248731 Universal Joint F/93642 & 93652

Hein Werner HW 248731 Universal Joint F/93642 & 93652 image

Product #: HW 248731

Your Price: $38.99

Brand: Hein Werner

Free First Class Mail Shipping on this item. Replace your broken floor jack universal joint part number 248731, see the installation video below. This replacement U-Joint assembly could be listed as 248731, 228356, 228349, 227874, 890-022-666, - Walker, Lincoln, Omega, Snap On, Mac Hein Werner - UJoint for 93630, 93632, 93642, 93652 and others - Item No. U- JOINT RELEASE ASSY 248731, includes 216143 O-Ring as pictured. OE replacement U-Joint for floor jacks. It fits at the base of the floor jack handle.

Question: I bought a U-Joint and installed it but the jack won't go down unless I release the valve all the way and then stand on it. What could be the problem? 

Answer: The U-Joint has nothing to do with the saddle not lowering properly. You can verify this by removing the jack handle and unscrewing the U-joint further than the normal range. If the saddle stays up this verifies it has nothing to do with the U-joint. I've had the same problem; the jack's saddle not going down unless I stood on it, even with a brand new jack. My problem was the main pivot shaft was causing the sticking. The solution was grease. There is a grease fitting on mine for the main shaft but I was unable to get it to take grease. When using the grease gun, grease should squeeze out from both sides of the shaft if it's getting through completely. I took it apart and removed the shaft. I coated the shaft and the inside of the holes generously with wheel bearing grease. After I reassembled it; I worked the jack a few times and it was better but not perfect. When working it, I had to let the jack handle drop a few times until it started lowering the saddle normally. Now it works great. Another potential cause of the saddle not lowering properly could be weak return springs. But as I said, with mine it was brand new which eliminated that possibility. We recommend when replacing the U-Joint to thoroughly grease the main pivot shaft while it's apart.

The over-all length is 4.61" (117.31mm) the hexagon diameter is .51" (13mm) the outer edge of the threaded part is .43" (11.11mm). See the parts breakdown for your jack to verify the application.

Used for many 2 ton up to 3 ton capacity floor jacks. * Snap On - YA642 * Snap On YA700 - YA700B * Mac Tools JS642USA * Lincoln- 93642 - 2 ton floor jack * Lincoln- 93652 - 3 ton floor jack * Hein Warner - 93642 * Hein Werner - 93652 * Napa 91-642 * Marquette and more! The 248731 supersedes the following part numbers - 228356, 228349, 227874, 890-022-666 and YA700B3.

As long as your model is listed, the 248731 is correct. This is an upgraded U-joint and some disassembly may be required. In fact the smaller ones are no longer available, so that's the reason some disassembly is needed. See our YouTube video below "Lincoln Jack U Joint Installation - 248731".

Also see the rear caster that's commonly purchased with the U-Joint 248731.

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