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TIME-SERT 1812 CORE M8x1.25 Metric Thread Repair Kit

TIME-SERT 1812 CORE  M8x1.25 Metric Thread Repair Kit image

Product #: 1812CORE

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This tooling has been used in rocker arm thread repair where the threads must start a few millimeters deep below a "Slot". This kit is for "first time" repairs which means Heli-Coils or a different competing brand, were not used  previously. If a repair has been made before and this is the second repair, see the 1812CORE BS (Big  Sert) kit which is over-sized.

Make Sure the Bolt is 8mm 

Tip: Don't go by the head of the bolt to determine the the size of the bolt. Use a nut or die to see what threads on it, or measure with a digital caliper (micrometer). The 8mm will be approximately 7.80 mm and the 10mm will measure about 9.8 mm.

The core drill countersink combination will have to set by hand.
We use this special 4 flute core drill because it makes drilling
thru a slot easy. Using a traditional 2 flute is difficult because the drill
it wants to hang on the slot and break.

1. Step Core Drill w/collar

2. Tap

3. Insert Driver

4. Tap guide

5. Inserts 18125117N

*Note, some GM engines use use a 10mm rocker arm bolt. Please verify your bolt size before ordering. If repairing the M10x1.5 hole use a 1015CORE Rocker Arm Bolt Hole Thread Repair Kit.  

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