TIME SERT 4010 Thread Repair Kit

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Product #: TIME SERT 4010 DLT

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TIME-SERT 4010 M10 x 1.0 thread repair kit commonly used for motorcycle spark plug thread applications.

*Note this is for a first time repair. If you have a failed Helicoil, a Big Sert (over-size repair is needed). It's possible to use the 5011 Big Sert kit with the .59" inserts included or or get a 50111 insert which is .35" long. Keep in mind these are for washer seat spark plugs. Call for more information.

The M10x1.0 spark plug repair kit p/n 4010 tooling is more suited for holes that 3 or 4 inches in depth. The wrench which is the black tool 3-3/4" rotates all the tools, has a 7/16 " inch hex at the top which can allow you to extend the tooling with a socket further if need. Inserts not included order separately. Most common insert for washer seat spark plugs is the 40103 that is .60" (15mm) long which is considered 3/4" reach. If working on a deep hole use 4010E which is the extended version with longer tooling. Fits many motorcycles like Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati etc. Verify your application uses a 10mm washer seat spark plug at the following link - Motorcycle Spark Plug application.

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