TIME-SERT 2200BS Big Sert 11x1.5 mm Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit

TIME-SERT 2200BS Big Sert 11x1.5 mm Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit image

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Free Express Shipping included with this kit. Time-Sert 2200 BS (Big Sert) is a universal 11x1.5mm over-size thread insert repair kit, commonly used for 11.0 x 1.5 Toyota threads for head bolts. The following vehicles that have 11.0 x 1.5mm headbolts are covered with this universal kit; Toyota Camry, Toyota Rav4 and Scion.

Drill Fixture - PN 5611

Drill Bushing - 38mm (1.5") Length PN J-42385-302BS

Alignment Pin - PN J-42385-303BS

Core Drill Bit - PN J-42385-2009BS

Tap 6.5” - PN J-42385-2010BS

Insert Driver 6.5” - PN 2202

Big Sert Inserts - PN J-42385-507BS (Qty 10)

Loctite Thread Locker - PN 6020

Driver Oil - 6010 PN J-42385-110

Head Dowel PN 31304 (Qty2)

Bolts Short (2)

Bolts Med (2)

Bolts Long (2)

Ink Marker - Sharpie Permanent Marker

Metal Rule - 150mm (6") Pocket Ruler for Measuring Depths

Note that this kit uses J-42385-507BS inserts which 10 are included. They are for second time repairs (holes that have been repaired previously). The 31304

line up dowels are required for Toyota, two are included (enough for one head). Also, since this is a universal kit, the instructions must be followed because of several applications are covered. Marking the depth on the drill tap and driver is very important.

See the pdf instructions for 2200BS details.

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TIME SERT 2200BS American Made!

Used the Time Sert 2200BS on a Toyota Highlander after a shop down the street used a thin wired helicoil. Needless to say the helicoil failed and my customer didn't have the money for a new engine. The 2200BS worked great and saved a lot of money and downtime for the owner. Nicely engineered and best above all is it's American Made!

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