FJC KIT6M Vacuum Pump and Gauge Set

FJC KIT6M Vacuum Pump and Gauge Set image

Product #: FJCKIT6M

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Brand: FJC

KIT6 Includes FJC a 3.0 CFM two stage vacuum pump vacuum pump has Twin Port Technology Vacuum pump is lightweight - durable and constructed for easy handling and long life. The gauge set is an aluminum block manifold gauge with a sight glass, anti-flutter design with additional access port vacuum pump. It also has lightning fast design that removes moisture and non-condensable gases that can destroy any A/C or refrigeration system. The hoses (not pictured) that come with the gauge set are for R134a and are 72" long. The couplers are manual type which allows turning of the knobs for depression of the valves in the service ports as opposed to the quick connect type which have no knobs.

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