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TIME-SERT 4212 Spark Plug Repair Kit M12x1.25

TIME-SERT 4212 Spark Plug Repair Kit M12x1.25 image

Product #: TIME SERT 4212 DLT

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TIME-SERT 4212 Spark Plug Repair Kit 12 x 1.25 commonly used on Harley Davidson and other motorcycles. Inserts are sold separately. 

Remember to use Loctite PN 6020 especially on Harley Davidson's due to excess vibration. A common size for the insert is PN 42123 which is 15mm long. If there's room for a tap guide use PN 32125.
Question - I have a 1999 Harley Davidson that uses  Champion 6R12 spark plug. Will the 4212 spark plug thread repair kit work for my bike?
Answer - Yes, if it's a first time repair, because the Champion 6R12 spark plug is an M12x1.25mm so the 4212 is the right size. Here's a cross reference for other spark plugs that are also the same size as the 6r12 - Cross reference: NGK DCPR7E, DCPR7EIX, Champion RA8HC,DENSO IXU22, Autolite 4163, 4164, Harley-Davidson 6r12. 
Been repaired before and need an oversized? There's no specific Time Sert "Big Sert" or oversize for 12x1.25mm spark plugs. You can however use the 5212 kit.
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The video below shows a 4412 kit that is used the same as the 4212 listed above.

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