TIME-SERT 1215C Oil Drain Plug Repair - Aluminum Pan 12x1.5

TIME-SERT 1215C Oil Drain Plug Repair - Aluminum Pan 12x1.5 image

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Time-Sert oil drain plug repair kit for aluminum pans with metric 12x1.5 size plugs. This kit is a must for any repair shops that perform oil changes. One aluminum drain plug thread repair can save hundreds of dollars! This kit not only restores the oil pan back to it's original 12x1.5 thread size... it makes it STRONGER! This kit part number 1215C is commonly used on all types of cars and motorcycles with aluminum pans or cases that have metric 12 x 1.5mm drain plugs. Why replace an oil pan or aluminum case for around $500 when this repair can be done "on the car" or motorcycle at a fraction of the cost? Are aluminum threads stronger than the steel threads? Of course not, that's why TIME-SERT thread inserts are a better option than replacing an aluminum oil pan or case. This kit is frequently used on cars and motorcycles including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc. It can be used on any make with 12mm by 1.5mm size drain plugs. Note *Removal of pan or case may be required if access is limited.

Timesert is recommended by leading automotive manufacturers.

Contents of the TIME-SERT 1215C - Diameter 12mm and Thread Pitch measures 1.5mm





Tap guide

5 steel inserts 9.2mm length 12151

Instruction Manual (can be previewed here in pdf)

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Fixed Motorcycle Drain Plug THreads

This kit is a must when you need to repair aluminum threads for your motorcycle. Can also be used for cars with M12x1.5 drain plug. The kit makes this a very easy and professional repair. Highly recommend.

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