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TIME-SERT J-42385-300 Northstar MainBolt Thread Repair

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Product #: J-42385-300 DLT

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*Note this is NOT for headbolts! The numbers are similar but this is for main bolt thread repair. The TIME-SERT J-42385-300 main bolt thread kit for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 GM Cadillac Northstar 4.6 engines and the Oldsmobile 4.0 Northstar engine. It uses a steel bushing type insert that accepts a size M10x1.5mm (10 millimeter by 1.5 millimeter) main bolt. The Time Sert thread repair method is different from the popular Heli-Coil method, because it is held more securely (from the bottom) and uses a thicker insert rather than a coil of wire like the Helicoil. TIME-SERT is the GM Powertrain recommended thread repair procedure to fix aluminum blocks. Steel is ten times stronger than aluminum.

*Note The J-42385-300 is for a "first time" repair which means it has never had a repair insert (like a failed Helicoil) or any other kind installed previously.

GM recommends TIME-SERT and is the only authorized repair from General Motors Corporation. The kit comes with a quantity of 10. The block takes a total of 20 inserts so it's important to purchase 10 more inserts to have enough to repair the whole block. As mentioned, TIME-SERT is the ONLY recommended repair for the Northstar.

Time Sert J-42385-300 Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit Includes:

Qty Tool Item Number

1 Drill Fixture

1 Drill Bushing

1 Alignment Pin

3 Bolts

1 Step Drill

1 Tap

1 Insert Driver

1 6020 Loctite

1 6010 Driver Oil

10 101522 M10x1.5mm Replacement Inserts

1 Laminated Instruction card.

For extra inserts see below.

TIME-SERT 101522 Replacement Inserts

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