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Star Products TU-24A-PB Exhaust Back Pressure Tester

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Product #: STATU24APB

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Brand: Star Products


This three way tester allows quicker and more accurate testing of exhaust blockages in catalytic converters, mufflers, etc.
Test in three different places:
1. Oxygen Sensor adapter includes M12 and M18 thread. Flange and gasket also included for cars with flange-type oxygen sensors.
2. To test through the Exhaust Pipes, threaded inserts, and installing tool, sealing screws and washers are included. Testing can be done on either side of catalytic converter and muffler to pinpoint blockage.
3. For testing through the Air Injection System four rubber adapters and quick coupler plugs are included to use at the air injection pipe inlet fitting.

Special gauge has two multi-colored bands-idle and 2500 RPM, with pressures shown in PSI and bar.
Hose is 6 feet, enough length for you to test from the drivers seat.

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