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TIME-SERT 5553 Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair (Stripped or Missing Threads)

TIME-SERT 5553 Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair (Stripped or Missing Threads) image

Product #: TimeSert 5553 DLT

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Free "Tips" included with this kit. During checkout just write "Tips" and we will email free tips on doing the job that we've compiled over the years. TIME-SERT 5553 Ford Spark Plug Thread Repair/Replace Stripped or Missing Threads. Models include 1.9, 3.8, 4.6, 5.4, 6.8 liter engines 2 and 4 Valve. For Triton and other applications - See chart for other vehicles covered. This is a Big Sert (Time-Sert's name for over-sized) kit which works when previous repairs with Heli-Coil type inserts fail.
This kit is not recommended for holes larger than .663" (16.8mm). See the Time Sert 5600 for holes up to .73". 
 *It's recommended to use a video inspection camera to help insure metal is out of cylinder before installing the plug.
*Note fully threaded spark plugs require a different insert in addition to this kit. The 51457 is the most popular fully threaded one which is 16.8mm long with a taper seat (requires 51484A to be used on setting tool). They are sold separately. Check to make sure the valves are closed without removing the valve cover with the optional 389-4000 Leak Tester.

Time Sert 5553 Thread Insert Kit Includes 

Qty   Item 
1      55511 Wrench
1      55512 Reamer
1      55513 Tap
1      55514 Driver
1      55515 Setting tool
1      55516 hex key 1/8
1      55518 Triton Counterbore
1      51487 hex key 3/16
1      6020 Sealer
5      51459 Inserts M14x1.25 (tapered seat)

See the PDF Instructions for the TIME-SERT 5553

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51457 Fully Threaded Taper Seat

Question: Will my fully threaded spark plugs (all the way up to the taper) work with the inserts that come in the kit which have threads only about 1/2 way?

Answer: Yes they will. If preferred, we also have fully threaded inserts (PN 51457) which have twice the number of threads for more holding power. *Note that partially threaded plugs will NOT install properly in the 51457 fully threaded insert so the inserts included in the kit have to be used. These inserts are still much stronger than the original aluminum threads. 

Time Sert 5553 Description Video

More questions answered in our video series below, like - Which is the best brand? How do you determine the valves are closed and why does it matter? 

Below is a video demonstrating how the Time Sert 5553 kits is basically used.

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
USA Made!

Needed a spark plug thread repair kit when my 2002 Ford F150 blew a spark plug. Why does Ford have an engine that blows sparkplugs? Anyway, Time Sert seemed to be the best fix. Doing a quick search online, the Internet confirmed this. I like that the Time Sert 5553 has free fast shipping from DenLors (unlike Amazon or Ebay) and that I could pick up a phone and actually talk to a real person! And most of all that it's made well and made in the USA!

Reviewed Thu, Aug 13 2015 11:38 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Saved engine after Helicoil

Works as described, nice kit. Saved my 5.4 F150 after Helicoil did a number on it.

Reviewed Thu, Sep 17 2015 6:55 am by
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