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TIME-SERT J-42385-2000 GM/Northstar Cylinder Headbolt Thread Repair Kit 11x1.5

TIME-SERT J-42385-2000 GM/Northstar Cylinder Headbolt Thread Repair Kit 11x1.5 image

Product #: Time 42385-2000 DLT

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Time-Sert J-42385-2000 NorthStar M11x1.5mm head bolt thread repair kit for "first time" repairs, meaning Helicoil or some other competing brand was not used previously. If doing a 2nd time repair see the oversize BIG-SERT kits J-42385-500BS or 2200BS. Note this kit is for 4.0/4.6 Northstar engine blocks that have two depths for head bolt holes. Depths are 32mm upper bank and 51mm lower bank. The depths refer to the depth which the 30mm inserts are placed. This kit includes ten of the  11155, same as J-42385-507 30mm inserts - 20 are needed for the entire block. Be sure to purchase an extra 10-pack if doing entire block. 
Included in the Time Sert J-42385-2000 
1   Drill Fixture 56111 
1   Drill Bushing J-42385-302 
1   Alignment Pin J-42385-303 
2   Short Bolts J-42385-503 
2   Long Bolts J-42385-604 
1   Step Drill Bit J-42385-2006 
1   Thread Tap J-42385-2007 
1   Installation Driver J-42385-2008 
1   Stop Collar for Shallo Holes J-42385-2017 
1   Loctite 266 - Red High Strength 6010 -26772 
1   Driver Oil 6020 - J-42385-110 
10 11155 Same as  J-42385-507 Inserts M11x1.5x30mm 
*Note 20 inserts are required for repairing entire block, ten per side.
This product #  J-42385-2000 is also available on our second website.
Timesert is recommended by leading automotive manufacturers. 

Kit is not for 1999 and prior - see J-42385-500 which has one depth. However, the J-42385-2000 can be used on 99 and prior but depths must be noted, using the correct depth setting

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