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Raytek AutoPRO RAYST25 Infrared Thermometer

Raytek AutoPRO RAYST25 Infrared Thermometer image

Product #: RAYST25

Your Price: $178.82

Brand: Raytek

• Specifically designed for use by automotive technicians.

• Features SmartSight™ Dual Laser Sighting System -

Two separate lasers converge to create a single bright laser point when the AutoPro ST25 is the optimal distance from the object being measured.

• SmartSight™ takes the guess work out of obtaining instantaneous 1% accuracy temperature measurement.

• Built-in L.E.D. that conveniently illuminates the work area.

• Removeable, powerful magnet is attached to the base of the unit for handy and safe storage.

• Comes with a detailed instruction manual covering automotive diagnostic applications including: engine misfires, catlytic converters, heating and cooling systems, A/C systems, track and tire temp (Racing), substrate temp (Paint and Body), and much more.

• Displays temparature in degrees Celcius and Faranheit.

• LCD Backlight, Max. Temp. Display, Display Hold.

• Temp. Range: -25° to 999°F

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