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Steck Manufacturing 21891 SKIN ZIPPER REPLACEMENT HEAD

Steck Manufacturing 21891 SKIN ZIPPER REPLACEMENT HEAD image

Product #: STC21891

Your Price: $17.14

Brand: Steck Manufacturing

Features and Benefits
  • The head will skin approximately 10 door skins and is easy to replace when it wears out
  • Self-lubricating reinforced nylon head
  • Crimps regular or adhesive bonded skins
  • Saves the technician arm fatigue and up to 60 minutes of labor and assembly time by easily skinning the door with minimal refinish required to paint and/or reapply e-coating
  • When completed minimal finishing may be required on the corners and body lines
Replacement head for new Air Hammer driven door skinning tool that is easily affordable for every Auto-body technician. Skins doors in less than 10 minutes using Skin Zipper’s self lubricating reinforced Nylon head that will crimp regular or adhesive bonded skins. The Skin Zipper crimps the edge tightly for a professional finish with no damage to the skin in an easy two step process!

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