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Crushproof Tubing YA300 3" Dual Exhaust Y Assembly Kit

Crushproof Tubing YA300 3

Product #: CRU11AYA300

Your Price: $189.86

Brand: Crushproof Tubing

Crushproof Tubing YA300 3 Inch Dual Exhaust Y Assembly Kit - Stock photo shown above for illustation purposes only demonstrating how some brands kink. The image below is from the manufacturers website which more accurately depicts the product's shape.

Crush proof YA 300 Kit includes the following

  2       4' long by  3" diameter hose

  1       RY30 Exhaust Hose Y-Connector for 3 Inch Tubing. Allows for three hoses to be joined together for dual exhaust vehicles. Hose threads into the connectors.

  2       F300 Straight with hook and chain for up to 2.5"

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