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K Tool International KTI-70390 Megahammer

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Product #: KTI70390

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Brand: K Tool International

  • Saves time and money while servicing 3/4 and 1 ton Chevrolet and Dodge pickups with Dana axles
  • Unique 4-6-8 bolt head will accommodate most trucks
  • Removes seized hubs & rotors
  • Eliminates damage removing captured rotors
  • Cut the job in half

The MEGAHAMMER™ is the ultimate contender for all your tough jobs. A must have tool to service all 4 - wheel drive vehicles with captured rotors. Use it for: Rotor Replacement, Hub & Bearing Work, Axle Service, and Ball joint service.

Over the years rust and corrosion will build up and make removal of a seized bearing assembly almost impossible. Technicians are left with little recourse other than time-consuming and labor-intensive measures to attempt to remove the seized bearing assembly. Most methods of removal employed today risk damaging the vehicle which in turn will increase repair costs.

The MEGAHAMMER™ tool’s unique, patented design cuts repair time in half by employing a less labor-intensive process and greatly reduces the risks of damaging the vehicle. The size and capabilities of MEGAHAMMER™ make even the most formidable jobs seem easy. Many shops will not provide service to 4-wheel drive vehicles with captured rotors because of the costs and risks involved. With MEGAHAMMER™, your shop can confidently handle all of these tough jobs.

The MEGAHAMMER™ tool is designed to remove a seized bearing assembly, and associated components, from a vehicle chassis for maintenance and repair while minimizing time and cost with little risk of damage. The MEGAHAMMER™ tool works with 3/4 and 1-Ton American made pick-up trucks with 4, 6 or 8 bolt patterns. Optional 5-Bolt and 8-Bolt Heads are also available from MEGAHAMMER™. These optional heads will extend the usefulness of the tool by including additional makes and models that are able to be serviced with the MEGAHAMMER™ tool.  At 65 pounds and 38 inches total length the MEGAHAMMER™ is the ultimate contender for all of your tough jobs.  Use it for:

• Rotor Replacement

• Hub & Bearing Work

• Axle Service

• Ball Joint Service

Time is money. The MEGAHAMMER™ cuts repair time in HALF.

8" head diameter; 38" overall length; 65 lbs.

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