Uvex S1169 Astrospec 3000® Patriots RWB Safety Glasses with Clear Lens

Uvex S1169 Astrospec 3000® Patriots RWB Safety Glasses with Clear Lens image

Product #: UVXS1169

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Brand: Uvex


Safety Goggles Patriot frames with clear lens

  • Innovation in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing has made UVEX the world's largest supplier of non- prescription protective eyewear.
  • UVEX offers eye protection for industrial, laboratory, chemical, academic, medical, welding, & laser applications. From industrial and laboratory settings to the fun and excitement of sports, UVEX spectacles and goggles have earned an international reputation for quality and performance.
  • UVEX protective spectacles and goggles meet the requirements of ANSI Z87.1- 1989 and most meet CSA Z94.3-1992 requirements.
  • Extensive research of customer needs has enabled UVEX to develop numerous products and processes under domestic and international patents. These include coating technologies such as 4C+. This permanently bonded coating offers anti- fog, anti-scratch, anti-static & anti-UV protection.
  • The Ultra dura hard coat is one of the most scratch resistant coatings available UVEX has introduced a new lens technology called SCT- Spectrum Control Technology. SCT-Spectrum Control Technology uses a combination of unique dye absorbers for special viewing tasks UVEX is the world's leading supplier of laser protective eyewear, offering a complete line of spectacles, OTG (over- the-glasses) spectacles, and goggles
  • The majority of UVEX spectacles and goggles sold in North America and Latin America are manufactured in the USA in a modern, auto- mated facility in Smithfield, Rhode Island. You'll see that UVEX does beat everything in sight.

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