Unitec QS9000 Quick Spiff™ Air Powered Vacuum

Unitec QS9000 Quick Spiff™ Air Powered Vacuum image

Product #: UNIQS9000R

Your Price: $60.86

Brand: Unitec

Quick SpiffTM makes cleaning up almost fun. Its so quick and easy, its like having your own personal tornado pick up whatever mess you make. Quick SpiffTM is completely self-contained: no tubes, no tanks, no trouble. Just connect an air-line and pick up dirt, dust, nuts, bolts or whatever. Youll be amazed at the pulling power this vacuum unit develops. Quick SpiffTM includes assorted attachments to get into a range of places and hard-to-reach spots and its heavy duty dust collector bag empties in seconds. When time means money, Quick SpiffTM gives you more.

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