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Mastercool 91046-A FLUSH KIT ASSY

Mastercool 91046-A FLUSH KIT ASSY image

Product #: MSC91046-A

Your Price: $48.16

Brand: Mastercool

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes flush gun, hose, canister and canister adapter
  • Fill canister with flushing material, pressurize with shop air and flush each component
  • Excellent for quickly and effectively removing refrigerant oil and    debris during retrofitting or compressor replacement
  • Flush gun is simple to use and will hold up through many flush procedures
Designed to work with any light weight A/C flushing agent which can be mixed w/pressurized air.  A must use when replacing a failed compressor, ensure all the debris from the damaged A/C compressor is removed.

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