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Jump-N-Carry KK JNC1224 12v 24v Truck Battery Jump Box Booster

Jump-N-Carry KK JNC1224  12v 24v Truck Battery Jump Box Booster image

Product #: SOLJNC1224

Your Price: $474.57

Brand: Jump-N-Carry

The K&K Jump-N-Carry series car battery jump box booster establishes the standards by which other jump starters are judged. Intended for frequent professional use, the JNC KKC 1224 portable Jumper Box is extremely versatile and easy to use. Need three or more of these jumper boxes? Ask for a custom quote.

The Jump-N-Carry 1224 Booster box gives the user the choice between 12 and 24 volt power. In the 12 volt mode the Jump-N-Carry JNC1224 provides an amazing 3400 peak amps of starting power. When in 24 Volt mode an equally impressive 1700 peak amps of starting power is available.

The Jump-N-Carry KKC1224 Jump Box Battery Booster provides a portable and handy solution to your jump starting needs. Customers that viewed this also viewed the rest of our jump box and battery booster selection.


Peak Amps: 3400-12V, 1700-24V

Voltage: 12V and 24V

Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (AGM)

Battery Capacity: (2) 20 Amp Hour - High Performance

Cable: #2 Gauge Welding, 46" long

Charger: 1 Amp Automatic

Indicator Display: Volt Gauge

Unit Weight: 40 lbs.

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