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CPS AFM100 A/C Flush Machine w/Universal Couplers

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The AFM100 A/C flusher machine is a valuable tool to any technician. Avoid repeat repairs due to system contamination, creating a justified profit while increasing customer satisfaction. The purpose of flushing is to remove debris and contaminated oil, which renews and extends the life of the A/C system. The AMF100 flush machine performs a proper cleaning service by completely removing debris and contaminated oil from the system, unlike other means of flushing. Pays for itself in months, not years.

Powered by shop air

Air purge

Forward or reverse flush without changing hoses

Clear filter bowl with cleanable screen for visual inspection of what is being removed from A/C system

Restores performance of A/C system by removing carbon build up from heat transfer condensers and evaporators

Eliminates compressor or dessicant failure and residue from overhead lubricants

Simple 2 step operation with only one hook up

Capacity 2 quarts for cars to 2.5 gallons for buses

Easy to connect quick couplers fit evaporators, condensers and hose connections

8 clear braided hoses

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